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Hailing from Kandy, the hill country of Sri Lanka. The Heritage City of arts and craft; Ceylon Elle clenched its first journey through arts and competitive digital designer Clothing in 2014 adjoining utmost partner in the business. But from varies differences and means of potential, Ceylon Elle is finally back striving on an individualist Full-Scale personable streak in Clothing. Ceylon Elle has now finally Designated Designer wear in arms of minimalistic and geometric vision. All products at birth of Ceylon Elle are in the right sense of strong Pineal Gland vision!

"Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth."

-- Pablo Picasso

We all know that Art is not the truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies. We hereby tend to bring out "Art" into our day to day life with all our products.

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Our Latest T-shirt Designs

Member Name

ල‍ංකා Boy (Lanka Boy)(Pre-orders only)

This design has come out as a thought that comes from fragments of our own characteristics of our Inner Child.

Member Name

ස්වාමීG (SwamiG) (Coming soon)

The simmering of the Ginjal Raksha, also known as the fire demon which means its job is to ward off evil by the power of fire. This mask is representing the emotion anger which is why the colours are red, orange, and yellow. The patterns on the ears are warding off all evil. Wearing this mask and believing the power it holds, this man has full concentration on meditation.

Member Name

Mystic වැද්ද (Mystic Vedda)(Pre-orders only)

Descending from the highest and the oldest inhabitance of Ravan's bloodline, we embrace the fathers of our fathers, The vadda's. Our own Mystic Vedda is a resemblance of a supreme Sri Lankan race.


Future Production

Since Ceylon Elle is a heavy-duty Art Gear-head, Our scale weighs almost anything in means of production; From Designer Clothing, Ceramic Accessories, Digital Art, Paintings, Jewellery and almost anything inside the sources of art. So we want our customers to expect the unexpected from us in the future of production. And bringing us ideas of your own inventory for references almost anything "ART" is welcomed by us. Art is born when the connection is Personable!

Social Media

For easy access and updates from our stores in the Digital vendorship surrender we have made it easy for our customers to connect with us through our Official Website and varies adjoining Social Media spaces like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and personal platforms like Viber/Whatsapp.

Why Us

Ceylon Elle is not just a Designer Clothing line but a container of resources, In a vast outgrowing world of modern fashion we are artist who've not only gained experience in professional Criteria but also out-sourced our thoughts in art from the Streets, Stories of people, Folktales of our own beloved culture etc. We have been around this corner of the industry for the past 5 years only to learn importance of certain Characteristic in this field, But finally now its time we have our Customers emphasize on our thoughts and ideas by purchasing at reasonable pricing ranges.

Business with us

We have introduced a method of business for young and open-minded designers to join us in producing new and trendy designer wear. This enables them to sell their products under our brand. This is not only for clothes but for creative items of your imagination. The possibilities are endless. Terms and conditions applied.


For any kind of Support, you can directly contact us 24/7 on our social media pages or you can directly contact us at the details given below. Customer Service will respond within 48 business hours. Please allow that time before Re-Submitting an email or leaving additional voicemails. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this matter.

Mon-Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-2:00pm


Ceylon Elle specializes in unique clothing and accessories. We encourage customers to be experimental with new clothing styles. Our mission is to understand what our customers' needs and hopes are after buying urban wear clothing. We will maintain financial balance while delivering a quality product to our customers. We will make our clothing accessible throughout our community by way of establishing a retail location, fashion shows, and events. One day will make our Brand internationally recognised.

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Basic Packege

$0.00 ( Comming Soon )

This package contains a matching design of Men's t-shirt and a Women's t-shirt. This is one of our basic packages.

  • Ladies T-Shirt.
  • Mens T-Shirt.  

Popular Packege

$0.00 ( Comming Soon )

This package contains a matching design of Men's t-shirt and a Women's t-shirt. plus a pair of matching bracelets.

  • Ladies T-Shirt.    
  • Mens T-Shirt.     
  • Ladies Bracelet.
  • Mens Bracelet.  

Huge Packege

$0.00 ( Comming Soon )

This package contains a matching design of Men's t-shirt and a Women's t-shirt a matching pair of bracelets and a matching pair of ripped jeans.

  • Ladies T-Shirt.    
  • Mens T-Shirt.     
  • Ladies Bracelet.
  • Mens Bracelet.  
  • Ladies Jeans.     
  • Mens Jeans.     

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  • Address: 115/30 Primrose Hill,Kandy,Sri Lanka.
  • Phone +94 77 123 0919
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